Scott Anderson’s Slide and Glide is a nearly finless foam and fiberglass surfboard.  The idea came from his longtime team rider Josh Farberow who made the board the perfect board to throw into the back of the truck on those days where you kind of want a longboard and kind of want a shortboard.  It’s also made for those summer days when it’s not all that big, but the waves are two-three feet and peeling down the line, yet over tons of kelp.  This board goes right over the kelp!

The Slide and Glide will is the ultimate board for doing 50ft power slides, and don’t think you can’t pull in and get a little barrel too.  With out fins, just little tiny “finlets” as Anderson calls them, this board is as fast as can be because there is no drag from fins. It’s free friction.
Here’s a photo gallery in SLO County on the Slide and Glide: Photos Brent Lieberman

Lastly, this Slide and Glide Surfboard is such a great model that it was featured in Slide Magazine.

The Ancient Present
SLIDE’s writer Shawn Tracht investigates how the alaia design resurgence has fueled the present and future of
finless and near-finless designs. Featuring a roundtable interview and gallery including Derek Hynd, Josh Farberoew, Scott Anderson, Dave Rastovich, the Wegener brothers,Jacob Stuth, Sage Joske, Jesse Faen, Roger Hall, Ray Finlay, Chadd Konig, and more.

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